Supporting your event

Sponsorship opportunities

Kaiser Permanente strengthens its external presence by taking a strategic approach to sponsorship of events and conferences. This differentiates us in the marketplace, helps highlight our core values, and showcases the skill and leadership of our physicians and employees when it comes to important public policy and community issues.  

Sponsorship process and timing

Please submit your online sponsorship application according to these guidelines:

  • For general events, please submit your application at least 60 days prior.
  • For galas/formal events, please submit your application at least 90 days prior.

After submission, please expect to hear from us within 30 days.

All applications are reviewed by a sponsorship review committee, and you will be notified of their decision by email. In some cases, additional information or further discussion with the applicant may be required to reach a final decision. Submitting a proposal does not guarantee your event will be sponsored.
​ ​
If you read the descriptions below and are unsure into which category your request falls, contact our sponsorship team who will help direct you. Please be sure to include your organization’s name, a brief description of your request, sponsorship packet if available, and any other supporting details or documents. Please allow at least 3 business days for the team to respond.


Kaiser Permanente only sponsors events in states or regions where we operate medical centers.

These include Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC.

Additionally, we are unable to support or sponsor the following types of activities and organizations:

  • Religious purposes
  • Endowments or memorials
  • Political or partisan political activities
  • Field trips
  • Fraternal organizations
  • Individuals
  • International or social organizations
  • Employees’ personal affiliations


Community Health

Community Health sponsorships may only be made to 501(c)3 organizations whose missions and work aim to improve the health of individuals or communities. Specifically, Community Health sponsorships must align with one or more of Kaiser Permanente’s common areas of focus, which involve creating healthier school environments, affordable housing, food security, access to non-medical supportive services, economic opportunity, poverty alleviation, and related issues. ​ ​ ​

Community Relations

We can sponsor an event hosted by a 501(c)3 or 501(c)6 nonprofit organization that may or may not impact a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) need but is used to enhance Kaiser Permanente’s business and sales development initiatives, brand, or community relationships.


Strategic alignment – aligns with Kaiser Permanente’s mission, vision, or strategic priorities. Offers opportunity to create value for Kaiser Permanente and advance our goals.

Brand awareness – increases awareness. Generates positive exposure, preference for the Kaiser Permanente brand.

Sales opportunity – supports lead generation activities (willingness of consumers and/or employer/purchaser groups to consider joining Kaiser Permanente, or retention of existing members and employer/purchaser groups).

Relationship building – offers opportunity to nurture and/or cultivate relationships with key influencers and stakeholders.

Community impact – provides support to address a health need identified by the Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA).

Diversity and inclusion – advances equity, diversity, and inclusion initiatives; increases awareness of Kaiser Permanente within specific target populations, vulnerable populations, and communities.

NOTE: Sponsorship-seeking organizations must be willing to collaborate with Kaiser Permanente on sponsorship assets, which may be adjusted to ensure that Kaiser Permanente receives optimal value from the sponsorship.